In the fall, trees lose their leaves, women and men lose their hair. A loss which can sometimes be abundant but which should not cause worry. You may lose hair with every brush stroke and it ends up in your bathroom carpeting the floor. Hair loss increases in spring and fall. During these seasons hair loss is 2 to 4 times greater than the rest of the year, and this lasts about 4 to 6 weeks. Which explains the concern of some. However, this natural and seasonal fact affects almost everyone, because it is completely normal. Through this article, we explain to you why hair loss increases with seasonal changes as well as tips to avoid heavy loss.



In spring and summer, the sun's rays accentuate the secretion of hormones which determine hair growth. Our hair is receptive to climatic changes and especially to variations in temperature and sunshine. They cause a reaction comparable to that of plants, that is to say an acceleration of growth during the hot months and a stronger fall in the fall, for hair that has reached the end of its life cycle like a dead leaf. In the same way that our skin has its own regeneration cycle, we also see cycles for our hair. These upheavals lead to a reduction in the speed of hair growth and its renewal, as well as hormonal changes responsible for hair loss. 


The cocktail of sun, swimming pool and sea water is harmful to the scalp and hair fiber. They cause hair loss to increase for up to three months on average after the exposure period. On the other hand, morale also plays an essential role in hair loss when autumn arrives. The stress as well as the fatigue linked to the resumption of professional activity, added to this the return to a polluted atmosphere and the depression due to the lack of sun, affect our intake of vitamins and minerals, then cause anticipated hair loss. Furthermore, other things can be responsible for your hair loss, especially if it falls out profusely over a short period of time. In this case, it is valuable to consult your doctor.


Be sure ! Seasonal hair loss gradually stops. Before jumping on food supplements to help hair regrowth, you must consume more certain vitamins such as B6, B5 and PP, rich in iron and zinc but also in amino acids to trigger the creation of keratin. B vitamins are essential in the renewal of hair follicles. You will find them in prunes, bananas, carrots, eggs, but also in mushrooms. They will allow you to rebalance your hair cycle. Your hair is made up of sulfur-containing amino acids. They are essential for the generation of keratin. It is therefore necessary to consume it to anticipate hair loss in the fall. You will find them in hard cheeses, some fish like tuna and some meats like chicken for example.

Besides, washing  your hair  every day is the best way to make it fall out.

Our special article ' What Pace to Adopt ' for washing your hair will be of great help to keep your hair silky and healthy!

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